Getting Over Construction (2021) is a collection of works by students Brooke Jamieson, Daria Lewandowska, Tabitha Maynard, Kate Owen, Dotty Squibb and Sally Yu.

To begin the project we went on a walk around the city looking for building works. We were inspired by the geometric lines of the new steel structures rising up from the rubble and debris of the old. We looked at the buildings and saw the state and commercial influence over landscape and how it shapes cities, rural areas, and our experiences in these places. When looking at the shining metal beams surrounded by menacing machines we were reminded of gargoyles outside churches leading us to question whether industry and commercialisation has become a variant of religion - where technological progress is put on a pedestal.

The title of the show: Getting Over Construction refers to coming to terms with the movement and endless industrialization process which doesn’t care about the places, sights, and landscapes that we hold dear. Using a range of mediums we presented our frustrations, observations, and contradictions that we associate with construction sites. Some of the works also touch on feminist issues surrounding the culture in these sites.